Latela Curatorial’s mission is to take a genuine approach to the business of art development and consulting, plus nourish real community within a local art environment for the artists we source/commission and our clients. We understand that artwork promotes mood in the space it inhabits, therefore we not only are art curators but also energy cultivators.

Moreover, we believe that our commitment to positive nourishment in our art-business practice extends to the quality of our relationships & client work, which is why you’ll find meditations and similar healing events in our calendar.  


Latela Curatorial has worked with 1,000+ Washington DC (DMV-area) artists & curators on projects over the past five years. Our art consultants have 10+ years of professional experience working in international galleries, fairs & museums across Europe - as well as - in globally recognized local museums such as the National Gallery of Art and the Freer & Sackler Galleries, and hold BA & MA degrees in Art History, Arts Management, and Curatorial Studies. Our art consultants travel regularly to global art fairs including Art New York every March, Art Miami every December, and diverse Biennial Fairs including Venice & Havanna to name a few. Institution partnerships include Smithsonian, as our Director regularly travels with Smithsonian donors as an Art & Architecture Expert across Europe. Our ability to source for projects at various budgets and aesthetic comes with experience and refined expertise.


The Latela Art Gallery opened November 2015, founded by International Art Consultant + Historian, Independent Curator, & Artist Marta Staudinger.

Five months after opening, the Latela Art Gallery was voted Best Commercial Art Gallery in Washington DC. In its first year, the gallery displayed six exhibitions (featuring a total of seventy-three artists). In its second year, the gallery began to introduce displays of a rotating temporary art collection in between a curated selection of exhibitions. In 2018, in its third year of existence, the Latela Art Gallery was voted Best Commercial Art Gallery in Washington DC for the third time in a row.

Latela Curatorial is currently focused on Art Advisory + Curating Services, providing quality art sourcing to art collectors, corporate clients and interior designers. With a growing amount of emerging creatives inquiring about professional development services, Latela Curatorial also offers Business Development Services for Artists and Curators.

Latela Curatorial is more than just a physical Studio/Gallery space + Advisory Services. The Studio/Gallery has consistently provided a safe space for meditations, moon circles & women circles since its conception in 2015. An emphasis on Healing rests at the core of Latela Curatorial’s mission. In 2019, expansions include partnership with Eaton Wellness to host bi-monthly gatherings + a podcast that will release in the Summer. In 2019 Latela Curatorial is also expanding the use of its Studio/Gallery space to include more Artist Residency and Curatorial Apprenticeship Programs due to the lack of affordable space in Washington DC.


MARTA STAUDINGER   Founder/Director, Art Consultant


Founder/Director, Art Consultant

HELEN CRIALES   Curatorial Apprentice


Curatorial Apprentice

MEGHAN MASIUS   Art Consultant & Artist Advisor


Art Consultant & Artist Advisor

MADISON BOLLS   Curatorial Apprentice


Curatorial Apprentice

CIERRA ROSS   Healing & Reiki Practitioner


Healing & Reiki Practitioner

LEAH JUDSON   Photography & Videography


Photography & Videography