Energy Healing aligns strongly with Latela's larger mission.

Click below to book a healing session in our beautiful gallery/curatorial office art space. 


Reiki, meaning ‘Universal Energy’ is an ancient and natural energy healing technique where the practitioner serves as a vessel to balance the subtle energies within our bodies. During a Reiki session, the practitioner uses a light touch to channel universal energy to a patient’s body. 

The purpose of Reiki Healing is to promote relaxation and stress reduction as well as restore balance and eliminate blockages. This process addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances as well as aligns the chakras. 

During your session our Reiki Practitioner Partners will use a variety of the crystals from our boutique shop in each session. 

Benefits of Reiki include:

-    Stress reduction
-    Chakra (energy center) alignment
-    Restores energy level balance throughout the body
-    Improves concentration and perception/intuition
-    Eliminates energy blockages
-    Provides relaxation
-    Assists with healing injuries
-    Enhances immune system