Expel Negativity Large Meditation Box

Expel Negativity Large Meditation Box


PROTECT YOUR PSYCHIC SHIELD with this Expel Negativity Meditation Box!

This box comes with:

Tourmaline - protection & dispelling negative energies. Psychic shield.

Selenite Tower - has the power to magnify any manifestation

Manifestation Bundle - 3 Palo Santo (4 in. Sticks +. 1 Selenite 4 in. Wand)

PLUS a clear silver bag to carry your gems & cards with descriptions of each crystal

We've also provided a meditation for you to follow on your own as you reconnect to the protective bubble around you and expel unwanted energies.

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This meditation box is the perfect gift for someone ready to begin practicing meditation or already with a practice. LATELA offers online meditations and reiki consultations as well as free meditations to accompany your customized meditation box.

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