New & Full Moon Gatherings at Eaton DC's Wellness Center


We told you we had something very exciting manifesting & it's finally time to share! We are light-filled to announce our partnership for New & Full Moon Gatherings at @eaton.dc's beautiful wellness center! As we grow, we will be offering bi-monthly opportunities for the community to gather at Eaton Wellness.

The Eaton Wellness + Latela Curatorial partnership hopes to serve the heart of Washington DC as a center for mindfulness and healing. We will always make space for the community-at-large to gather and manifest every New & Full Moon. Soon after, healing dialogue + practices will be available for those not in DC through a meditation podcast launching Summer 2019. 

Please visit our calendar to join us at our next gathering!


Images provided by Eaton Wellness by Adrian Gaut >> @a_gaut


Eaton Wellness + Latela Curatorial is a mindfulness & healing community in the heart of Washington DC that makes space for the community-at-large to gather and manifest every New & Full Moon. Healing dialogue + practices will be shared and come to life via a meditation podcast Summer 2019.

Eaton Wellness is inspired by new-age practices and experiential learning traditions that embody a holistic approach focused on the mind-body connection. Eaton offers community-building classes such as yoga and meditation; alternative therapies ranging from reiki and acupuncture to crystal healing; and immersive, sensory experiences including infrared saunas, sound baths and shamanic journeys. The brand’s wellness values carry through to vegetable-forward and detox food and beverage options, as well as a program of guest speakers and teachers who promote age-old teachings and practices leading to consciousness-expansion, in the spirit of retreats such as Esalen and Burning Man.

Latela Curatorial is an Art & Curatorial Lifestyle Boutique offering consultation services to both art collectors and artists, with a strong focus on supporting the local arts in Washington DC, cultural exchange & mindfulness. The brand has been a pioneer in bringing art, consciousness, community, and mindful meditation practices together in synch with the cycles of the moon since the opening of the Latela Art Gallery (Washington, DC) in 2015.



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Check out our calendar for upcoming gatherings!