What is Lateal Curatorial?

Latela Curatorial is an Art & Curatorial Lifestyle Boutique that specializes in offering consultation services to both art collectors and artists, with a strong focus on supporting the local arts in Washington DC, cultural exchange and mindfulness.

'Latela Curatorial' v. 'Latela Art Gallery’ v. ‘Latela Studio’?

Let’s be honest: the traditional Commercial Art Gallery model is not what it used to be - we’re interested in transforming its traditional understanding a bit. We do not represent artists like a Commercial Art Gallery. We also use our space for many other things: thus splitting between the classification of Gallery and Curatorial Office/Studio. ‘Latela Curatorial’ overall is the entire brand & not space-specific but rather, mission-cohesive.

What kind of artists do you work with?

Latela Curatorial has worked with 1,000+ Washington DC (DMV-area) artists & curators on projects over the past five years. Some artists we have had the pleasure to work more with than others. We choose artists PER PROJECT. I.e. We will source the best art for you, whether you are looking for only local artists, only women artists, or a specific medium/theme. Each project we take on is tailored to the client’s needs, rather than us trying to tailor projects to a handful of artists.

Do you work with interior designers?

Yes! All the time! We’d love to take the art sourcing pressure off of your plate!

Do you take custom commission requests?

All the time! We can broker that agreement between your interests and artist lingo smoothly. Most of our client work evolves around custom commissions and we are proud to say we have a 100% success rate! Please contact us and we’ll start mood boarding together for your custom piece!

Why do you have a ‘Spirit’ aspect to the brand?

That’s explained here but let’s face it - we just believe in bringing more integrity to the art world so we foster that in multiple ways. But also - we believe there’s energy in art & so we’re not just art curators but rather, energy curators. We need to be in tune to what kind of energy we’re proposing to a space as art consultants - we’re not just here to match colors…

Wait, so there's "energy" in art? 

Well, there is a saying that states 'We receive the energy we put out'. We believe this 100%. So yes! There is energy in art, in the service that we provide, and how we work with clients. Sure, we will help you collect artwork that will prove to be a good investment and/or find the perfect piece that fits above your couch and ties your living room together - but we also offer more. Our quality service stems from our positive & intuitive art curating process that seamlessly integrates with your project plan for an enjoying art buying & collecting experience. We promise not only to find the right pieces for your project but to leave you inspired to live mindfully, creatively & with style.

I'm an artist. How can I HAVE MY ART represented by Latela Curatorial?

We do not offer traditional artist representation (see above). However, we do offer submissions regularly + many artist services. All information for artists can be found here.

Is it possible to rent the gallery to teach a workshop or host an event?

No, our space is too dynamic and intimate. If you’re a healing practitioner looking to host a meditation or circle, get in touch.

What are your shipping, packaging & tax guidelines?

All guidelines regarding art shipping will be discussed on a piece-by-piece basis depending where the collector is located and how they prefer artwork to be transported.

Latela Curatorial Meditation Boxes ship within 5-7 business days and shipping is included within the USA.

Do you offer exchanges and returns?

ARTWORKS: We only offer exchanges or returns if we shipped an incorrect artwork or size. We do not offer any other exchange or refund options as most artworks are made to order.

CONSULTATIONS FOR ARTISTS/CURATORS + THE ARTIST COURSE: There are NO refunds for consultations & course instruction/materials. Consultations are strictly limited to 50-minutes and are not extended for late arrivals. 

WORKSHOPS/TICKETED EVENTS: There are NO refunds for workshops. Rescheduling may be provided for emergency situations, depending on the instructor's/event host’s availability. 

MEDITATION BOXES: We only offer exchanges or returns if we shipped an incorrect item.