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Winter Solstice & Full Moon Breathwork

Rebirthing our Inner Light, Fire Rise, Embrace the Darkened Way

Join us for an intimate yet powerful evening of Breathwork as we celebrate the last Full Moon of 2019 and Winter Solstice!

Note: The Full Moon is on Saturday, December 22nd. The Winter Solstice is the night of this event. Breathwork has a 24-hour orbit potency. This event is curated to ignite energy that will carry you into your personal manifestation on the actual Full Moon the following night.

Join local Certified Breathwork Coach & Wellness Mentor Erin K Bishop of A Breath of Wellness for a gathering that will ignite breath and emotional cleansing.

This special gathering is limited to 8-10 participants. This event at the Latela Art Gallery.

Tea always included :)



This workshop includes the following:

1 - An introduction to Breathwork to prepare for the exercise

2 - A group-led Breathwork exercise

3 - Time to reflect & journal

Consider the Winter Solstice as a time to build heat for the winter months, paired with the last Full Moon of the year which is important for releasing energy and emotion that no longer serves.




Please bring a yoga mat & blanket as we’ll be lying down, and a journal and pen for reflection.


Breathwork is an active meditation technique that is a powerful tool for transformation. It can be heart opening, a deep release, emotional, cathartic—whatever you need it to be in the moment you are there. This two-part breath is done in and out of the mouth which helps to connect you to your body and activates your energy system. You will be lying down - the journey takes you through activation, process and integration. A healing experience that will help you access deeper levels of awareness and dive deeper into your true self. In this hour-long journey you’ll breathe, explore emotion, laugh and cry. It creates an opportunity to help you shed whatever parts of yourself you are ready to leave behind, leaving you to feel lighter and clearer. You will guided by a carefully selected soundtrack made just for this unique experience.

Benefits of Breathwork include:
- Stress reduction
- Restores energy level balance throughout the body
- Improves concentration and perception/intuition
- Provides relaxation


YES! We will walk you through the basics and make sure we're focusing on the areas that best serve you during this workshop and its greater themes. This is why we keep gatherings small.


For more than a decade as a human resources professional & leader, Erin’s dedication involved coaching staff and management to develop happiness, emotional health and balanced productivity at work. Her drive to help others help themselves motivated her to create a program that focuses on breath, self-acceptance, inner truth and emotional wellness. Erin’s style is molded from her own experiences in recovery, mindfulness, and conscious breathing. Erin earned a Master’s Degree in Integrative Wellness Coaching at Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a Certified Professional Breathwork Practitioner through the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance & International Breathwork Foundation. She encourages everyone she meets to live a life of happiness, presence and service. 


Feel free to contact us.


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