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Reiki Healing Level 1 Training

There's a phrase amongst the Reiki community that states "Reiki finds you". If you have been searching for answers about Reiki and how to learn this practice, consider yourself found. Join Master Reiki Teacher Cierra Ross as she takes you on a journey into the depths of Reiki Level 1 course at Latela Curatorial.

Reiki is a Hands-On Japanese healing technique and is one of the easiest healing techniques to learn in the world! Reiki practitioners can be children, pets, and even plants. On a personal level, Reiki 1 skills can aide in the healing of deep seated emotional and physical traumas. On a business level, existing practitioners like medical professionals, yoga teachers, and massage therapists can expand their business and earn extra income by incorporating reiki energy into service offerings. What are some indications you should you learn reiki?

Have you ever been told you have "healing hands"?

Are you interested in holistic healing and want to learn how the body can heal itself?

Would you love to help yourself or loved ones that are experiencing emotional turmoil or physical pain?

Are you on a personal journey of self healing and would like to learn the tools to balance yourself?

Is something bigger than yourself calling you to step into your power, but you don't know how?

This one-day workshop is designed for you!

This class will introduce you to the powerful energy of Reiki through attunement. Reiki works through the hands as gentle energy is shared from practitioner to client. This universal energy flows into the client and goes where it is needed to balance the body. Reiki 1 focuses specifically on the health of the practitioner, and after completion of this level, you will be able to perform Reiki sessions on yourself as well as others who are physically present. 

You will learn:

- The origins and history of reiki

- The symbols used to activate reiki energy

- How to administer a reiki session on yourself, others, and animals

- Tips how to remain balanced as a practitioner

You will receive:

- A handbook to take home with course material

- An attunement to activate reiki energy into the body

- A certificate noting you are a trained Reiki I Practitioner

- A Follow-up discussion 21 days after your attunement

- A FREE Kit to help you start your reiki journey  (Kits have included smudge sprays, scented eye covers (for clients), crystals, and journals to document treatments, kits will vary)

-Access to Latela's reiki community with opportunities to perform reiki at events and attend free reiki-share workshops with other Latela reiki students 

This class will be taught in a small group limited to 10 people led by Cierra Ross Master Reiki Teacher. Cierra has been a Reiki Master for 6 years and has touched over 400 people living in DC area. Cierra helps spread the energy of reiki through yoga classes, meditation circles, 1-on-1 client appointments, classes, and mentorship.

We can't wait for you to start your journey with us! Feel free to contact us with any questions:

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