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Residual Income & Diversifying Your Profit Centers

Learn about the ways your art can work for you while you’re brainstorming other projects. Develop a plan for supplemental income that fits well with your additional skillsets and provides you the additional income to continue investing time and money into the conceptual side of your practice.


In this course you will learn the power of residual income. You will brainstorm passive revenue streams that suit your business, brand, and serve your audience. Once a couple of passive income streams have been chosen you will learn implementation tactics, and sustainable best practices to keep those revenue streams alive.

Prerequisites: This class is for business owners. Before you take this course you should already have an established product, brand or service. Your company should already be branded and in production. You should know who your core audience and have an established brand voice.

- To understand the power of passive income 
- To be able to identify potential residual revenue streams when opportunities arise 
- To have chosen at least two passive income streams that are a good fit for your brand 
- To put together a plan of action to make the passive income realistic and sustainable and long term.

Earlier Event: May 11
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