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Reiki Healing Level 2 Training

Calling all Reiki professionals!!!

Are you ready to take your Reiki 1 knowledge to the next level and grow stronger in your power? 

Would you like to send healing to anyone no matter where you are located?

Would you like to send healing to events that happened in the past for current and future comfort?

Would you like the power to energetically create a life perfect for you?

Would you like to take on Reiki clients and build your brand as a holistic professional?

Learn how to prepare yourself for business in this Reiki 2 course!

You will learn:

- Traditional and new age distance reiki techniques

- Symbols used to activate reiki energy

-Self Care tactics to sustain your reiki light energy

-Business tips, ideas, resources, and discounts to start your reiki practice 

This workshop includes:

- A handbook to take home with course material

- An attunement to activate Reiki 2 energy into the body  

- A certificate noting you are a trained Reiki 2 Practitioner

- A Follow-up discussion 21 days after your attunement

- Sample Reiki business forms to help start your business  

- A list of resources and discounts for business coaching, Reiki insurance, accounting services, & more!

- A FREE Kit to help you start your Reiki journey (kits have included smudge sticks, candles, palo santo, crystals and oils all responsibly sourced. Kit items will vary)

-Access to Latela's reiki community with opportunities to perform reiki at events and attend free reiki-share workshops with other Latela reiki students 

This class will be taught in a small group limited to 10 people led by Cierra Ross Master Reiki Teacher. Cierra has been a Reiki Master for 6 years and has touched over 400 people living in DC area. Cierra helps spread the energy of Reiki through yoga classes, meditation circles, 1-on-1 client appointments, classes, and mentorship. 

We cant wait for you to start your journey with us!