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New Moon in Taurus Circle at Eaton Wellness

  • Eaton Workshop 1201 K St NW Washington, DC 20005 USA (map)

This upcoming New Moon is potent for the months to come. It is true that every New Moon is an ideal time to cleanse your energy and set intentions. We usually see the full benefit from intentions set during a New Moon after a 6-month orbit. That longer timeline could not be more true especially right now… Just before May’s New Moon, two planets begin to retrograde: Saturn (April 20-Sept 18) and Pluto (April 24-Oct 3). As you can see, they will retrograde throughout the summer into the fall. What does this mean?

Saturn, the planet that rules our boundaries, sense of time and karma generally becomes more generous during the later end of her retrograde, rewarding manifestations and intentions. However, she can be a stern teacher and for those who have neglected self-care, her retrograde comes with much needed “I told you so” moments – specifically connected to the boundaries not set for the Self, and karma owed to you.

Pluto, the darkest planet, rules over our darker fears and desires: death, rebirth, power, sex and subconscious thoughts. Pluto’s retrograde allows us a time of deeper connection: a period to dive into our subconscious bodies. Regular manifestation during this period will facilitate the shedding of new skins and psychic connections. This is where we truly learn to listen to our intuition and our most truthful inner direction.

Both of these slow moving planets take time to help us dig deep and discover. Changes made over the next few months may also be slow moving and affect us for multiple years of our lives. So plant your seeds during this New Moon diligently.

We are here to help you do just that. Currently in the zodiac season of Taurus, which excels in the Throat Chakra, this Taurus New Moon is all about speaking up, removing that burden off of your chest & learning to speak your truth. Join local Reiki Practitioner Cierra Ross at Eaton Wellness in the beautiful Eaton Hotel in downtown Washington DC. Eaton Wellness + Latela Curatorial is a mindfulness & healing community in the heart of Washington DC that makes space for the community-at-large to gather and manifest every New & Full Moon. Healing dialogue + practices will be shared and come to life via a meditation podcast Summer 2019.

The New Moon is Saturday May 4th, we are gathering one night prior to provide you with the proper information and tools to take some individual time and manifest alone for this important moon.

$33 PER PERSON, $59 IF YOU BOOK IN A PAIR (call Eaton Wellness for this option)

This workshop includes the following:

1 - A discussion on the astrology, chakra, and the energetic elements associated with this moon phase.

2 - A group-led meditation to align the chakras while the room & our bodies are Reiki'ed with a collection of Healing Crystals, Sound Bath, and/or Aromatherapy.

3 - A writing exercise related to setting intentions for the months to come + speaking your voice.

4 – A group-led Reiki relaxation session focusing on opening the throat & intuition to be able to speak clearly (to yourself and others) as well as tap into your intuition for the months to come.

Consider this New Moon an opportunity to focus on what is most North on your personal compass.




Please bring a journal and pen, and an object related to you that is a representation of your VOICE (this could be a photograph, a vision board, a paper with writing of goals, a creative craft tool like a paintbrush, etc).


Reiki, meaning ‘Universal Energy’ is an ancient and natural energy healing technique where the practitioner serves as a vessel to balance the subtle energies within our bodies. During a Reiki session, the practitioner uses a light touch to channel universal energy to a patient’s body.

The purpose of Reiki Healing is to promote relaxation and stress reduction as well as restore balance and eliminate blockages. This process addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances as well as aligns the chakras.

Benefits of Reiki include:
- Stress reduction
- Chakra (energy center) alignment
- Restores energy level balance throughout the body
- Improves concentration and perception/intuition
- Eliminates energy blockages
- Provides relaxation
- Assists with healing injuries
- Enhances immune system


YES! We will walk you through the basics and make sure we're focusing on the areas that best serve you during this workshop and its greater themes. This is why we keep circles small and have two leaders to be able to individually assist as well.


Eaton Wellness + Latela Curatorial is a mindfulness & healing community in the heart of Washington DC that makes space for the community-at-large to gather and manifest every New & Full Moon. Healing dialogue + practices will be shared and come to life via a meditation podcast Summer 2019.

Eaton Wellness is inspired by new-age practices and experiential learning traditions that embody a holistic approach focused on the mind-body connection. Eaton offers community-building classes such as yoga and meditation; alternative therapies ranging from reiki and acupuncture to crystal healing; and immersive, sensory experiences including infrared saunas, sound baths and shamanic journeys. The brand’s wellness values carry through to vegetable-forward and detox food and beverage options, as well as a program of guest speakers and teachers who promote age-old teachings and practices leading to consciousness-expansion, in the spirit of retreats such as Esalen and Burning Man.

Latela Curatorial is an Art & Curatorial Lifestyle Boutique offering consultation services to both art collectors and artists, with a strong focus on supporting the local arts in Washington DC, cultural exchange & mindfulness. The brand has been a pioneer in bringing art, consciousness, community, and mindful meditation practices together in synch with the cycles of the moon since the opening of the Latela Art Gallery (Washington, DC) in 2015.

EATON HOTEL: 1201 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005 – Eaton Wellness is on the second floor (follow the main steps from the lobby).

Eaton Wellness Vouchers: There is a $3 valet parking for all who come to any wellness events + 15% off all feed and beverage outlets in the hotel.

MORE QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact us!