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Introduction to Meditation

Learn how to silence the mind and body so you may hear the truths of your soul. Meditation is such a necessary tool in navigating our modern world, but many are unable to access the gift. Meditation is helpful in times of stress, anger, when needing guidance, and a multitude of other life situations. Let us show you the basics in this introductory class. 

You will learn:

-Postures for effective meditation

-The “countdown” and how to relax the body to prepare to meditate

-The purpose behind setting an intention and what mindfulness truly means

-How to train the brain to “shut off” through guided meditation 

-How to sit in silence and truly hear your own voice and breath

-The meaning behind “ohm” and other meditation buzz words 

Learn how to root down and rise up with us. We cannot wait to help you start your meditation journey.