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Intro to Reiki Healing Workshop (new date!)

From yoga studios to spa services Reiki is a buzz word that seems to be all around us. As a novice to holistic healing, you may find yourself asking what exactly is reiki and how can this service be beneficial? Intro to Reiki aims to help you answer exactly that. Reiki is an ancient Japanese hand healing technique that works through the hands as gentle energy is shared from practitioner to client. This universal energy flows into the client and goes where it is needed to balance the body. Reiki is helpful as a natural treatment for anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, physical pain, grief, and so much more! This class will introduce you to reiki through meditation and the observation of your own personal energy.  Enjoy tea, conversation, and community as Reiki Master Teacher Cierra Ross guides you through this not-so-complicated healing technique and enjoy the opportunity to try reiki for yourself. This class is a great introduction for the reiki novice or someone interested in becoming a reiki practitioner, but not quite sure how it works. Experience energetic balance with us!