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Building Relationships with Galleries & Curators

So many artists think that you one day “get into galleries”. Usually, exhibiting with a gallery is a relationship that develops over much time and thoughtful seed-planting. Yes, you can be outreaching and presenting your work to galleries… but there are many other avenues as well. Do you really want gallery representation or do you want to work with independent curators? Maybe a mix of both? Deciphering this is the first step to reaching out to the right people with intention, rather than scrambling to submit all over the map without direction.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Review types of galleries & how you can insert yourself to work with them

  • Learn about other types of art & lifestyle professionals and how to connect with them: art consultants, media, art dealers, curators, interior designers, developers, etc.

  • Brainstorming & writing exercises to narrow down your target business to business partner.

  • Exercises in using your confidence to talk about your work for outreach purposes & how to package/propose yourself best to each potential partner.

  • Discussion on making connections with potential clients and other artists.

  • Presenting your work to galleries, consultants, media, etc.

This workshop is ideal for all levels of artist, curator & creative professionals. However we do highly recommend participating in our Business How-To’s & Marketing Strategies Workshop before attending this one, as that workshop is entry-level and will help you determine your most current priorities & target audience. You will receive most from this workshop if you’ve also concentrated on your Artist Statement & Elevator Pitch, which is also offered in a workshop. Strategy development such as deciphering which galleries and curators to connect with develops best after professional goals & target audience are clarified.

You’ll leave this workshop with a clear action-oriented path to start making the right connections for your career growth, time management to build your outreach & intention-based goals for professional relationship development.

Hand outs, tips + good company always included.