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FULL MOON CIRCLE: Personal Responsibility & Collective Awakening: Aquarius Full Moon for the Crown Chakra

  • latela art gallery 716 Monroe Street NE Studio #27 Washington, DC, 20017 United States (map)

Full moons are a time to harvest intentions set in the new moon 6 months prior.

The Aquarius New Moon back in February was also a partial eclipse; our Aquarius Full Moon in July is a partial lunar eclipse -- these are powerful times for revision and completion, maverick change, for making a glorious ruckus, all in the energy of the humanitarian compassion for which Aquarius is known.

  • What direction in your life were you meditating on back in February?

  • What was the quality and condition of your relationship to your own intuition, your Soul's calling, your feelings, your Truth?
  • What seeds have come to bear fruit since then?
  • What experiments can you conduct now to improve your life and those around you in the remainder of the year forward?

This special gathering is usually limited to 8-10 participants & is hosted monthly. This moon circle takes place at the Latela Art Gallery.

Tea, treats & gifts always included :)

$44 per person 

The Spiritual is Political. In today's society it seems a radical act to take personal responsibility for what we say and do in the world, and how we say it and do it. Yet, more than ever our world needs us to step into self-leadership as a way for our individual example to light a path for healing and right action in the world. 

Enter the energy of Aquarius, retrogrades, eclipse season, and the Full Moon at 4°44' (a sacred number signaling spiritual awakening) in Aquarius on July 27th to remind us - What we chose to feel, we can heal. What we put effort to heal in ourselves, helps to heal the collective.

We can't solve our problems, the world's problems, using the same level of consciousness with which we created our problems. 

We need to go deep into our feelings, and understand them with the energy of divine consciousness. To re/member ourselves as source, to re/connect to our feelings as Truth so we can repair our individual lives and the collective experience.

The sacral chakra is the seat of understanding through relationships, through duality. The crown chakra is our connection to the trinity, to that which transcends the human plane and calls us to remembrance of our Truth; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The heart chakra is where we mix the understanding of the lower "human" chakras with the higher "spiritual" chakras, and exchange the energy of love; we were born of Love, made of Love, and are meant to give and receive expressions of Love.

  • What do we create with our thoughts, words, and actions? What quality of energy guides our creations?
  • What are the belief patterns that inform our perspective, our experience of the world?
  • What behaviors and models no longer serve our highest expression?
  • What do we see and know of our individual selves - our inner conflicts and desires - as a reflection of the macrocosm?
  • What are we ready to revision for our own lives, what change can we make for the greater good?

With so many planets in retrograde during this cycle - including Mercury going retrograde the day before this Full Blood Moon in Aquarius, and being in the thick of Mars retrograde, we are urgently called to check in on what felt right for the direction of our lives back then, and where we need to course correct, change the trajectory of the arrow, for the remainder of the year ahead - for ourselves, and for the world by which we all have a hand in creating.

Let us all be conscious creators of reality. And let that vision of reality be grounded in Love. There is no time to stay silent in our pain. We need each other to heal, and we need to heal ourselves to help each other live in safety, love, and truth.

Tuning into our heart energy, the well source of our feeling, and connecting with our Highest vision for ourselves and our planet with the intention of healing, is the focus of our Yoga Nidra practice and Full Moon ceremony.


This workshop includes the following:

1 - A discussion on the astrology, chakra, and the energetic elements associated with this Full Moon 

2 - A conversation on what spiritual and personal responsibility means in our own lives, and as a collective

3 - A Yoga Nidra practice that focuses on the Heart & Crown chakra, energizing the spirit, and weeding out that which no longer serves from the subconscious and unconscious mind

4 - A group full moon intention-setting ritual and set of journaling prompts channeled to realign the heart and crown chakra energy and to guide you to divine your own personal ritual

Consider this Full Moon an opportunity to release any blocks to fully engaging your relationship to giving and receiving, and receiving divine guidance through your channel. It's time to get out of old habits, reconnect with universal energetic flow, and create from your highest self. 




Please bring a journal and pen, blanket, eye pillow if you have one, and an object related to your heart and connection to spirit and / or anything you wish to release for our shared altar.


Yoga Nidra, derived from an ancient Tantra yoga practice, is a simple and efficient way to deeply relax while remaining conscious to reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It is a kind of mediation performed lying down in savasana and is suitable for all ages and abilities. During the practice, we sink into the parasympathetic nervous system and enter the hypnogogic state, the state between being awake and being asleep. When we stay in this place for 20 minutes it is the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep. 

The Yoga Nidra process is a voice-guided meditation that includes a body focusing exercise that creates a circuit of energy in the motor cortext to relax the brain, some breath and sound awareness practices, and some visualization activities. 


1. Improve focus, clarity, creativity, and productivity

2. Deeply relax to reduce physical, psychological, and emotional tension

3. "Weed the garden" by release stored memories and traumas from your subconscious

4. Recover from injury, surgery, jet lag, or too many late nights 


Feel free to contact your guide for this experience, Kathryn Cornelius


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There are NO refunds for workshops. Rescheduling may be provided for emergency situations, depending on the instructor's availability. 

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