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Meditation for Improving Communication

Maybe you've been having the same conversation again and again and are feeling stuck, or you've become so accustomed to the painful cycle of communication that you don't want to even try anymore. It all seems so hard.

You think about the type of relationships you want with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and wonder why you can't make it happen.

To start changing the way you communicate you only need to set aside ten minutes a day. What are you doing in those ten minutes? Meditating!

As motivational philosopher Jim Rohn has said, "You can't hire someone else to do your push-ups for you."

To overcome what's holding you back from telling the truth, responding instead of reacting, feeling capable in stressful situations, and like you can resolve issues that come up, you have to do your push ups - mental push ups. 

Learning meditation and specific meditations to improve communication will help you:

- respond instead of react

- change your relationship to your inner dialogue

- see others with friendly eyes

- relax in confrontational situations

- change your relationship to criticism

- tell the truth in a way others can hear

If you're thinking to yourself, yes, I want that, and you're ready to start seeing these changes come to life, then this workshop is for you. 

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