directions to Latela curatorial

we are located on the Brookland Arts Walk

(716 Monroe Street NE Studio #27 Washington DC 20017)


The Arts Walk is a pedestrian-only area. Googling our mailing address will take you to the start of the pedestrian area. That address is connected to an apartment building, the artist studio spaces, and the Brookland Pint & Fox Loves Tacos restaurants + the Bike Rack retail shop, which all make up the start of the pedestrian 'Arts Walk' for ground floor artist studios. Follow the pedestrian walk to the end, you'll see a tall sign installation that says 'ARTS WALK' in the bottom plaza. Turn right at the corner (Stitch & Rivet), we're the last studio (#27).

 Via car: we are off of Michigan Avenue onto Monroe Street NE. On Monroe Street, you'll see the restaurant Brookland Pint (a block further than Chipotle/Starbucks/Potbelly's). Parking is plentiful on Monroe St & neighboring streets. There is also a garage on 7th behind the Chipotle. Once you arrive to Brookland Pint follow walking directions in the above paragraph.

 Via metro: take the red line to the CUA/Brookland stop. Exit in the CUA (Catholic University) direction. At the top of the exit steps, turn around and you'll see the Arts Walk Plaza. We are the first studio you'll see (ground floor).

PARKING: There is metered & free parking on Monroe Street and neighboring streets. There is a Parking Garage off of Monroe Street on 7th Street (behind the Chipotle).