Why it is Paramount that Latela Curatorial's Mission includes a Strong Emphasis on Healing, Wellness & Community

Latela Curatorial is all about self-discovery, mindfulness, internal expression, and pulsing positive vibrations into the lives of those with whom we exchange energy: whether artists, art collectors, commercial clients or the community-at-large.

In sum: integrity in the (art) world is what we’re all about.

What is Latela Curatorial’s Mission?

Our mission is to take a genuine approach to the business of art development and art consulting, plus nourish real community within a local art environment for the artists we source/commission and our clients. We understand that artwork promotes mood in the space it inhabits, therefore we not only are art curators but also energy cultivators.

Moreover, we believe that our commitment to positive nourishment in our art-business practice extends to the quality of our relationships & client work, which is why you’ll find meditations and similar healing events in our calendar.

Why do you have a ‘Healing & Wellness’ element to the brand?

Let’s face it - we just believe in bringing more integrity to the art world so we foster that in multiple ways. But also - we believe there’s energy in art & so we’re not really art curators but energy curators in a sense. We need to be acute to what kind of energy we’re proposing to a space as art consultants - we’re not just here to match colors…

Wait, so there's "energy" in art? 

Well, there is a saying that states 'We receive the energy we put out'. We believe this 100%. So yes! There is energy in art, in the service that we provide, and how we work with clients. Sure, we will help you collect artwork that will prove to be a good investment and/or find the perfect piece that fits above your couch and ties your living room together - but we also offer more. Our quality service stems from our positive & intuitive art curating process that seamlessly integrates with your project plan for an enjoying art buying & collecting experience. We promise not only to find the right pieces for your project but to leave you inspired to live mindfully, creatively & with style.

How do you define community & “nourish” community as part of this mission?

We have four main beliefs, which we have weaved into Latela Curatorial’s very existence:

1) One of the most important things for the betterment of our society as a whole is to consistently make space for community to gather, share experiences, and heal. In a transient and type-A city such as Washington DC, the anxiety and stress levels are through the roof. We don’t think we’re sharing anything new here… this is an energetically wound-up city and Healing/Wellness is very much needed here. And not the militant-yoga type of healing… although that’s nice too… Latela Curatorial exists to promote individuals to sit, marinate, set intentions, practice mindfulness and release energy in others ways.

2) The viewing of art should not be confined to museums built of cold, masculine structures. Don’t get us wrong, we love museums & we absolutely love the museums in Washington DC. But we are very interested to create a warmer space that is comfortable and promotes all of the above practices (sitting, marinating, setting intentions, practicing mindfulness and releasing energy) in the presence with and in relationship to the artwork we have in view & our curatorial expertise/mindfulness. Again, weaving a fine art curatorial practice + with community mindful work + energy curating in one room.

3) In promoting the curatorial practice and energy of a space, we also promote the mindful practice of the artist. We do not believe that selling artwork is like selling other products. Acquiring artwork takes time and we want our art collectors & clients to appreciate the artists we propel as much as the artwork itself.

4) Carefully selected from the artists’ studio, to our energetically cleansed & charged gallery space, to your home or office: we are curating & taking care of a masterpiece that will live on much longer than any of us. Acquiring artwork requires careful selection for something that lives and breathes in your home, and nourishes your wellbeing in your most intimate spaces. We believe that the spaces where you spend the most time, make memories and exercise gratitude, love & joy should also be surrounded by artworks, decorative items & heirlooms that bring you comfort, delight and fulfillment.

How committed is Latela Curatorial to keeping a growing community in ‘Healing & Wellness’?

100% committed. We have a separate channel for this special community of ours (join here).

Since opening the Latela Curatorial Art Gallery in Brookland Washington DC, we have used the gallery to host regular meditation and energy-healing programs as part of our commitment to community nourishment. This activity is open to the public and has been a staple to our business model since conception.

As we plant seeds for Latela Curatorial expansion, these offerings will only grow (in amount & diversity of offerings, free resources & space).