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Annie Broderick at Industrious Ballston Office

Latela Curatorial is pleased to exhibit local artist Annie Broderick at the Industrious Ballston office. Annie Broderick is an artist in Arlington, Virginia. Annie was raised in southern Georgia where she made art of all kinds, day in and day out, under the tutelage of her artistic mother. At age three, she professed that she was an artist. Annie left Georgia to attend The Taft School in Connecticut for her high school years. There, she flourished in the strong art program and received the Mark Potter Award in Art upon graduation. Annie then sought a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at Davidson College and received the Douglas Houchens Studio Art Award. During her junior year at Davidson, Annie studied art in Paris, France, where she painted as a copyist in The Louvre, fell in love with figure drawing, made her own oil paints, and immersed herself in her own artistic growth. After graduating from Davidson, Annie moved to Washington, DC. Today, she lives with her husband and two young children and works in her garage studio. Annie's recent work has been featured in several publications and galleries. Her excitement and determination to create authentic, expressive work and to share it with her community fuel her forward.

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Carina Tenaglia at Industrious Bethesda Office

Latela Curatorial is pleased to exhibit local artist Carina Tenaglia at the Industrious Bethesda office. Carina Tenaglia is a local D.C. abstract artist and calligrapher. Born and raised in South Florida, she began drawing and painting at a young age, and transformed her passion into a business in 2018. She developed two lines of her artwork in 2018: Carina Tenaglia Fine Art and DC Brushes & Strokes Calligraphy. Inspired by neutral tones, metallics, and texture, she incorporates these elements into different pieces of her work, while also utilizing highlights and shadows to accentuate different aspects of each piece. She has participated in two RAW Artist showcases and her artwork has made its way throughout the United States, Germany, and Australia. 

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Madeline A. Stratton at Industrious Washington DC Office

Latela Curatorial is pleased to exhibit local artist Madeline A. Stratton at the Industrious Washington DC office. Madeline’s work is an investigation of the memory and importance of domestic objects and spaces. Utilizing traditional media such as paint, textiles, thread, and printmaking, she challenges herself to create representations stemming from memory. By creating silhouettes of objects and simplified structures of empty spaces, she aims to convey both absence and belonging. She searches for ways to memorialize and find comfort in the objects of daily rituals and the spaces in which they take place. While drawing from places and times specific to her own experiences, she hopes the viewer can enter into a reflective journey of their own space and memory.

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