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Clare Winslow at Industrious Bethesda Office

Latela Curatorial is pleased to exhibit local artist Clare Winslow at the Industrious Bethesda office. Clare Winslow is a local Bethesda abstract artist. As a child and grandchild of Washington DC painters, Clare grew up enveloped in vibrant art, and is a strong proponent of its power to promote unity and transformation, especially during turbulent times.  Her extensive training includes a degree in painting, a master’s degree in Teaching, and years of post-graduate study at the Corcoran College of Art.  Her focus on printmaking has allowed her to combine a broad range of artistic interests: drawing, photography, digital imaging, painting and textiles. Her work has been exhibited in the US and Asia, and is united by the themes of time, the decline of nature, and her personal response to current events. Influences include but are not limited to, two years living in Japan, contemporary abstraction and memories of childhood.

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Carina Tenaglia at Industrious Bethesda Office

Latela Curatorial is pleased to exhibit local artist Carina Tenaglia at the Industrious Bethesda office. Carina Tenaglia is a local D.C. abstract artist and calligrapher. Born and raised in South Florida, she began drawing and painting at a young age, and transformed her passion into a business in 2018. She developed two lines of her artwork in 2018: Carina Tenaglia Fine Art and DC Brushes & Strokes Calligraphy. Inspired by neutral tones, metallics, and texture, she incorporates these elements into different pieces of her work, while also utilizing highlights and shadows to accentuate different aspects of each piece. She has participated in two RAW Artist showcases and her artwork has made its way throughout the United States, Germany, and Australia. 

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