Private Art Collection Re-Curation + Management in Richmond, VA

Latela Curatorial was hired to consult for an existing art collection. Some of the collectors’ concerns upon first visit:

  • Needed to include a new heirloom wall piece that only worked in a few locations (inevitably to take the place of another hanging work of art)

  • Collection felt stale; not really in love with some pieces anymore and don’t really notice some of the pieces cherished the most (due to how and where they were hung)

  • Needed a central system to keep track of artist names & acquisition information

Once deciding together what wall space the heirloom would replace, the rest of the collection needed to shift. In this shift, we pointed out the amount of yellow tones in all of the artworks . Deeper yellows and tans were heavy in this client’s furniture & rugs, as well as the color of the walls. We suggested a full wall repaint to a cool & open grey before we rehung all of the art.

As the new paint dried, we moved all artworks around the condominium to reflect:

  • Better flow of color to the eye: always flirting yellows with blues and reds rather than clumping all similar colored works together

  • Mixing media in every niche: photography, paintings, works on paper, decorative furniture pieces & sculptural

  • Mixing contemporary and antiques

We even took to the bookshelves: reorganizing art books & smaller decorative items!

The end result? A fresh home + the owners look at and cherish their art collection differently! They live with their art in a more fluid and comfortable way.

Upon completion, we also photographed each work of art and created an inventory system.