The Eclipse came & went, now what?


We hope most of you took a second out of your day 

[& protected your retinas !]

to  g a z e  up

at the Lunar & Solar dance known as the Eclipse. 

Here's some inspiration to get you started! These are some of our favorites & why:

Did you know last night was a New Moon too?

Here's a note from the Latela Energy Healer & Reiki Expert Cierra Ross
explaining the power of this new moon & why you should
take some time
TODAY to set new intentions.

Happy Black Moon!!

As an avid lover of the sky's and all things astrology, August 21, 2017
served as a holiday of some sorts. We witnessed a Solar Eclipse
blaze across the United States in the afternoon and a new moon that
pops out every 19 years graced ourskies yesterday evening.

Eclipses serve as a reset button: today marks the beginning of a fresh start.
Additionally, New Moons are a restorative time to take it easy, relax, and reflect on self.

It's safe to say if you have been working on yourself spiritually,
you will get the cosmic go ahead to be a fresh new you.
This time period is also speaking to the the "shadow" side of who you are.
The qualities and traits that you don't necessarily share with the world,
or the attitudes and behaviors that may or may not serve you.
When looking for improvement and a reset,
starting with these areas may be a good pulse point.
From an outsider looking in, what stands out to me the most
during this crazy astrological season is repetition.

Solar eclipses touch down on a certain area every 'x' amount of years.
Black moons come around 7 times every 19 years.
Pluto orbits every 248 years... lather, rinse, repeat much?

I'm zooming all the way in on my repetitive patterns and habits: 
What can I learn from from the past?
What serves me moving into the future?

Try this exercise:
Pull out your notebook & answer these questions honestly.

When am I my happiest?

What am I doing when I'm most happy?

Who am I with when I'm most happy?

How can I maintain my happiness everyday?

If you find it hard to answer these questions, start with one thing that makes you happy.
Make a list and try to incorporate happiness into your days. As you are happy and
your heart is content, the universe will honor your true intention of happiness.
All of this lunar energy will intensify these intentions.
You will be on your way to a rebirth in no time :) 

If you can easily answer these questions, you are on the right track.
Keep conjuring what makes you happy, it will in turn lead you to your truest self.
Don't waste the cosmos. You got this!



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