Looking Forward to Looking Back at This •  Elmer Calata


Looking Forward to Looking Back at This

On Display: May 11-25, 2019

Gallery Hours: Saturdays 10am-4pm + by appointment

Opening Reception: May 10th 6-8pm

Looking Forward to Looking Back at This Exhibition Image


(Washington DC) A mantra that self-promotes to cherish every experience Looking Forward to Looking Back at This is an exhibition featuring drawings from the archives of artist Elmer Calata. Artworks featured are divided into two series: Memories of Paris and Office Supplies.

Memories of Paris represents a collection of works on paper inspired by an unexpected trip to Paris that occurred over a decade ago. During the recent tragic fire at Notre Dame, Elmer was reminded of his experience (one in which he literally stumbled upon the city). He began to dig through old works to assemble a collection that celebrates as an ode to the city that took him in – a sentiment most of its visitors experience.

Office Supplies is a gathering of drawings on non-traditional art paper, but rather office supplies, as these works were created during trainings, meetings, and desk time in his office. This collection is a testimony that artists who have full-time jobs can still exercise a creative practice regularly.

Both collections are not only distinctly separate in their subject matter but also in materials used. The two collections speak together as archival memories of idle time, time discovering and travel: experiences that also balance one another.

Looking Forward to Looking Back on This. On display May 11-25, 2019 at Latela Curatorial (716 Monroe Street NE Studio #27 Washington DC 20017, 202-340-3280). Viewing Saturdays 10am-4pm + by appointment. A public reception will be held on May 10th 6-8pm.