Curatorial Note: The Journey Within Exhibition


Note from the Curator Willa Alexander-Jaffe:

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for art. Growing up, I was a part of endless art classes, enrolled in hundreds of violin lessons, and a visitor of countless art museums. I come from a wildly artistic family, with an author for a father, a painter for a grandmother, and an actress for an aunt. Even my mother demonstrates her appreciation for the arts as the Chief Digital Information Officer at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Therefore, I was ecstatic when Marta Staudinger decided to make me her curatorial apprentice for the summer. Marta taught me what is takes to run a commercial art gallery and allowed me to curate Latela’s abstract painting exhibition. This opportunity has given me an understanding for curatorial work and created a more focused goal for my “career journey.”

The inspiration for The Journey Within relates to my personal, ongoing journey as a young adult. Even though I’ve always appreciated art, my desire to work in a curatorial setting did not occur until recently. Therefore, I have always felt lost when it came to my career and life aspirations. The intent of this exhibition is to represent the artists’ unique journey during the creation of their paintings and the evolution of their careers. The paintings demonstrate disorientation, confusion, and revelation; all subjects that relate to my personal journey. I hope the viewers understand this theme and relate it with their journeys within.