Intro to Chakra Energy Healing


We shared our FIRST video recording with the world (yikes!) & wanted to provide you with some visuals to better jump into the world of Balancing your Chakras! This will prove especially helpful if you're connecting with us digitally and cannot attend our weekly healing sessions.

Watch the video: Intro to Chakra Energy Healing + Meditation

In our video, Cierra Ross (our on-site Reiki Practitioner & Holistic Body Healer) walked us through the seven main chakras & provided some advice on how to begin to balance them. 


   Chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body aligned along the spine. 


Chakras can be aligned in many ways. The image to the left communicates the most important intention behind each chakra. Manifesting these intensions mentally is a great technique: mantra your way to each chakra's pure intention.  The image to the right demonstrates how to physically tap into each chakra through asana. 


To hear about what situations cause misalignment in each charka, watch our video! Here are some found images that illustrate the information Cierra shared on how to begin to balance them.


Come visit us at the gallery! Not only will you be inspired artistically by our art collection but we also have the BEST Crystal Shop in town! If you're interested in Crystal Healing, connect with Cierra as she also takes clients regularly in the gallery (not during gallery operating hours) . We'll see you in the gallery! 

And as always, post any comments you have below! Want us to cover something in our next video? Let us know! Got a question that's come up during your own healing journey? Comment below & we'll be sure to respond! 

Om Shanti <3