Mindfulness Decor + Art: Feng Shui Workshops with Sherry Burton Ways


Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting Award Winning Washington, DC area Designer, Author and Feng Shui expert Sherry Burton Ways of SBW Aligned Expressions for a workshop in our art gallery on Feng Shui.

The ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui is a technique used to create a sacred space that is fully aware of positive energy and energy balance. This workshop specifically focused on how to create a balance of energies in a space and the important role ART plays in that equation. Not only the fine art pieces and photographs on your wall but all of the sculpture and other decorative objects on bookshelves, dressers, tables and other surfaces. Our artwork:

  • Reflects how we think of ourselves and others

  • Affects how we feel and behave

  • Gives others an impression of who we are

Placing the right art effectively creates good energy and personal transformations around any space. In the workshop, Sherry also taught us how to create intention: how do you want to feel in your home? In each room?

"Feng Shui is like a REIKI for Interior Design - it's genius! The same design standards Sherry teaches are the same practices we host in our weekly meditation gatherings. I subconsciously knew I wanted positive energy flushed into our commercial art gallery at all times but didn't realize how aligned it was with the art and practical theory behind Feng Shui. It also seems as our gallery makeover design follows these principals. These happenings make me ever so confident in my decision to merge mindfulness (yoga) and commercial art into one existence." - Marta Staudinger, Latela Art Gallery Director

Comment below if you're interested in this workshop, we are DEFINITELY going to host it again!