Curatorial Note: Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition


Hello! My name is Genevieve Keillor and I am a senior Art History major at George Mason University. This summer, I had the pleasure to be a Curatorial Assistant Intern at Latela Art Gallery. My major project was curating a collage exhibition that will take place this October called Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition.

When looking at the array of works and artistic styles, I wanted to find a commonality between each art work as well as to highlight the differences in artistic approach. I found that through collage, artists use their chosen materials to explore space. From this, I decided to name my exhibition Dimensions to communicate the way artists create collages and to show that the show itself can act as a collage. 

For each artist in Dimensions,I chose works of art that I believed best exemplified their style but also their ability to create an interesting composition through collage. This can be seen in the works I chose for the exhibition flyer. Both works of art are distinct in their overall feeling and use of materials. Deming Harriman’s Sol King uses materials like laser cut wood and silver leaf to create an eye-catching work that has a great sense of volume. Jessica Dame’s work In Bloom focuses on simplicity and balance with paper and gouache. When looking at the entire catalog of Dimensions, this juxtaposition of rational and energetic works creates a compelling experience that can appeal to anyone’s aesthetic eye.