Introducing: Curatorial Apprenticeship | Madison Bolls


Introducing Madison Bolls @madlizcreative!

After participating as a featured artist in our Annual Collage Exhibition the past three years in a row (2016-2018), Madison is excited to curate Latela Curatorial’s 2019 Collage Exhibition.

Her own award-winning work in mixed media painting has been exhibited throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. She appreciates the story-telling qualities of mixed media, as the juxtaposition of images and textures allow the viewer to go on their own personal journeys. The exhibition, entitled The Human Condition, will take place Fall 2019.

Curatorial Apprenticeship

Latela Curatorial provides multiple exhibition opportunities for artists each year. Our main call for art submissions and exhibition proposals opens every Fall and selections are made to determine the following year’s exhibition programming for solo & group shows. Artists & Curators are always invited to apply. Full information can be found here.