Introducing: Curatorial Apprenticeship | Helen Criales

Curatorial Apprenticeship

Introducing Helen Criales @hdcriales ✨ Helen is a local artist who will be curating one of our 2019 Exhibitions which will explore Modern Day Spirituality through art. Artists we want to hear from you! How do you find, construct and nurture your spiritual being? How do you use art and technology to nurture your spiritual self? Helen’s mainly interested in all types of photography and new media explorations of this topic but this call is open to all media!

Helen’s exhibition will occur summer 2019. Stay updated on our exhibition calendar here.

Latela Curatorial provides multiple exhibition opportunities for artists each year. Our main call for art submissions and exhibition proposals opens every Fall and selections are made to determine the following year’s exhibition programming for solo & group shows. Artists & Curators are always invited to apply. Full information can be found here.