Entryway Custom Art Placement in Bethesda Home Remodel

Latela Curatorial was hired by Kerra Michele Interiors to broker a custom art commission for a specific space and look.

Project scope:

  • Specific color palette entryway interior: light blues & pink/peach mixtures with flakes of gold

  • Specific size to hang above fireplace

  • Framed work on painting preferable

  • Preferably created by a local woman artist

  • Minimal painting on paper: lots of white space with light pops of color & easy/relaxing abstract composition

When we heard flakes of gold, we turned to one of our favorite artists Christine Olmstead to set the custom commission in motion. Christine drew up some mock ups that incorporated the accent colors of the entryway’s rug. Here are final photographs by Reema Desai Boldes.