Full Moon Release Routine


Not sure how to celebrate the Full Moon?

Latela Art Gallery Owner & Dharma Yoga Instructor, Marta Staudinger, shares some of her private Full Moon Manifestation secrets!


Getting together to celebrate the Full Moon can be rough on my schedule sometimes... and other times, I may just want to be alone. I've always loved the idea of having one master routine that I'd follow every Full Moon but the reality is that each month's moon is different and therefore, so is its impact on me!


If you're just getting into the idea of manifesting during the Full Moon, don't be too hard on yourself & don't plan this time with yourself to a 'T'. Be flexible depending on your M O O D.


The most important thing to know is that the Full Moon is very connected to our energy and mood. I believe the best thing one can do to tap-in to the moon's energy is to tap into YOURSELF. 9 times out of 10, you're already on key, you just don't know it yet! Here are some examples...



Some Full Moons put me in a very isolated mood. It's what my friends call the 'Marta Shrimpie' mood. I want to cuddle, curl my body up like a 'shrimp' while watching a movie or reading a book, or I just want to be alone to write, reflect or paint. Now I know, if the Full Moon's got me feeling anti-social: I need to respect that. I need to stay at home and be alone. I give myself the space and time to reflect. With whatever I do, I light a candle (or many), some Palo Santo to clear the energy a bit & usually curate my ambiance by specific music or movie selection. This is my sacred time to myself and I make sure I satisfy all senses. For touch, I add a mini massage in there, take a bath, give myself a pedicure, or do some yoga. For taste, I treat myself to wine or tea + chocolate :)



Ok, we've all heard the joke that the Full Moon makes girls W I L D! ....it's true! So if I'm feelin' super sexy on a Full Moon, I focus on dance. Maybe I'll go to a dance class earlier that night or invite a girlfriend over to make up some moves. If you don't want to share this mood, that's cool too. I dance in my room by myself ALL. THE. TIME... Youtubing live concerts of Beyonce or Shakira.... or samba & whine classes really get me going! Oh, and howling at the moon does wonders! I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy... but damn it feels good! This type of moon energy just really wants to feel like a RAW. WILD. WOMAN! 



Other times, I crave human contact. I need to share and learn. Maybe I even need a good cry. Those are the times I get together with women locally to share space. There are many Full Moon Gatherings in the Washington DC area, and guess what? We host one in the Latela Art Gallery every month with the GODDESS Joanna Andreae of Wandering Wellness.


The Full Moon is about moving on and letting go, which works best when you tap into your energy. So next Full Moon, take a second to realize what type of energy you're feeling (what you're craving) & follow one of these routes. Comment below to let me know how it works for you & how you celebrated your energy release! Namaste!