Art in Bedrooms


Getting creative in the bedroom can be tricky!

We suggest smaller framed artworks rather than statement pieces...

& when you do need a bigger piece - think S O F T!


We are LOVING Shannon Claire's bedroom!


Here are the main things we're looking at:

1. The print above the bed is floral which softens the room. Plus, it's not too big! If you do put artwork over the bed, go a few sizes smaller than the width of your bed.

2. We love the tiny touch of a small framed work resting on the bedside table! This brings a bit of balance to the room rather than remaining focused on what's above the bed.

3. The additional framed works around the room add for a pop up color! The two by the door are from Latela Art Gallery! You can get them too!


Something we see a LOT of is the above-the-bed gallery wall. We highly suggest gallery walls (read our blog post 'The Perfect Gallery Wall' here) however we're not a fan of the busy wall above the bed. Remember, we're keeping it SOFT? 


Instead.. try minimizing your gallery wall on another wall in the bedroom that's not directly above your bed.

We're loving this bohemian bedroom with a scatter of art prints off to one side!


Even better, space out smaller works out between windows!

The occasional double stack balances nicely with some of the bigger frames! We love that this example doesn't look too block-ey... and mis-matching frames work lovely in a minimal-palette room!


Our favorite bedroom approach is  m i n i m a l i s t i c !

Try these three techniques:

1. Stick to two or three black & white art prints and hang them without frames. 

2. Feature just one artwork near your bed and refrain from centering it!

3. Stack two or three framed artworks next to your bed (on the floor or on the bedside table)!