The Perfect Gallery Wall


We love gallery walls!


Hanging & Designing Gallery Walls are two of the things we do BEST!

Before you hang, you'll need to decide what kind of gallery wall is right for your interior! 

Here's some inspiration to get you started! These are some of our favorites & why:


First, let's figure out what it is that you are hanging. What kind of artwork do you have?

Also... do you have enough art pieces for a 'full' wall or would your collection create more of a 'minimal' wall? We'd call this guy below a 'just right' wall :)

Notice that all the paintings in the above photograph are 17-18th century (style) portraits. Each painting has a dark background contrasted with light in the faces and garments. The similarity in each painting provides unity to this gallery wall. To complete this interior, the brown frame of the chairs compliments the gold frames on some of the paintings (we LOVE that only a select few paintings are framed!). Notice the visual balance between the framed pieces and unframed pieces! Additionally, the black-leather upholstery compliments the dark areas of the paintings and the contrasting white marble table hightlights the lighter areas of the paintings bringing more light to the interior's overall composition.


Here are two more examples of a collection that compliments itself. Notice how all of the pieces have a similar color palette. If your gallery wall compliments itself, it will be easy to pull the rest of your interior together! If you don't have a collection that you feel is complete - or you barely have one at all - contact us!

We can help you from start to finish, in person or online!

Found images

Found images

You may have pieces that are very different but there are still ways to compliment them by using a variety of frames! Here are two examples of gallery walls that use their mismatched artworks & frames to the collection's overall advantage!

Found images

Found images

By now, hopefully these examples are narrowing down what your collection looks like (or could look like!). These steps are helping you determine what the aesthetic will be not only for your gallery wall... but maybe even for the entire room. You may be realizing you need another artwork or two, or some frames, before you get started! We can absolutely help you with this whether you live in the same city as us or want to set up a consultation via Skype!

Remember: Gallery walls can consist of pieces other than flat works! Here is an example of a gallery wall made solely of African Baskets.


Ok step two.

We've narrowed down the what. Now, where, is your gallery wall to be installed?

Do you have an empty wall or a limited amount of space to work with? Is this wall in your living room? Entry way?

Click here for our tips on gallery walls specifically in the bedroom.

We'll start with the example of a living room. Above are two interiors that have completely transformed the main empty wall in their living room to a gallery room.

The interior on the left is displaying fewer larger pieces in various frames with some white space in between them. Additionally, there is NO furniture on that wall. So even though the wall hosts a 'full' gallery wall, there is still a lot of empty space in this interior.

The interior on the right is the opposite. This 'full' gallery wall displays many smaller images and they're hung with little to no empty space between pieces (above, below or on the sides). Additionally, there is furniture against the same wall. 


If you're going for the 'fuller' gallery wall vibe - now's your time to narrow down a bit more! Some of this will depend on the size of your pieces but now is where you'll begin to think about how much space you'd prefer between the pieces.


We absolutely ADORE these examples below as they're

1) 'full' gallery walls that still leave empty wall space,

2) mix & matching frames,

3) not everything on the wall is framed (we're adding texture!!),

4) there's still some furniture as well, but this doesn't feel too crowded!


Below is an example of a 'full' gallery wall in a concentrated area. The rest of the interior has allowed the exposed brick and windows to do the rest of the talking!

(P.S. - we also REALLY dig black frames and B&W prints for exposed brick gallery walls!)


Now let's look at some examples of 'minimal' gallery walls.

Following the concept of your installation taking pace in a more concentrated area, let's imagine that concentrated area to be the middle of a wall rather than taking up the entire wall. The interior to the left has windows to help with this idea.

The interior to the right decides not to install on the main wall and instead, uses two side walls. We love the minimal vibes flirting with full gallery walls here!

Maybe you're only interested in creating a gallery wall in a nook.

These reading nooks can be a great starting point! If you're making a bigger wall, you can expand from this basic design as your wall's center. Or just focus on your nook :) Try mismatching your frames like they do in these two examples!

Found Images

Found Images

The above examples we've shown you will work in ANY room in your house. However, we had to throw in this example for a staircase!

This is too much fun & many clients ask us to install something similar to this because it's perfect for family photographs!

This installation looks so clean & tidy because they've stuck to very specific sizes for their photographs & frames.

Found Image

Found Image

By now, you should be able to identify where you want your gallery wall, what will be hung in your wall & what kind of aesthetic you're looking for!

We hope these images will provide some hanging design inspiration!

Leave a comment with questions or contact us! We're always taking on clients & are only a Skype call away to help you get started!