Summer Solstice Gathering


We hosted our first Summer Solstice Gathering & it was nothing short of magical!

13 lovely ladies came together to share space & meditate as we brought in the summer together.


Marta Staudinger led the meditation which focused on building heat. We imagined ourselves as plants - breathing in the sun from our CROWN and exhaling the sun through our ROOT.

Cierra Ross provided a Reiki Energy Charge to each participant during the meditation, focusing on the root chakra.




Our advice to our community this summer is to:

1. Continuously take time to inhale the sun's energy.

2. Make a regular effort (at least weekly!) to manifest energy back into the earth. This can be by means of planting plants or composting. 

3. Connect with girlfriends & follow the HEAT! This could mean connecting in the sun such as spending the day at the pool or biking your city! Or you can take this concept further... do something CALIENTE! Yes, spice up your life! Go dancing with your girlfriends and LET LOOSE! Maybe try on a bikini or dress you wouldn't normally wear!


Summer is unapologetically free so flow with the wind & let the sun shine on your inner goddess!