Art in Minimal Interiors


As you move toward an Essential Lifestyle...

Don't throw out the art!


We TOTALLY understand the need to go  m i n i m a l i s t i c ! 

However, you don't need to throw out artworks as you narrow down the 'TO KEEP' pile!

Proper placement, framing & balance of white space will do the trick!


Here are our top tips for art living in a minimal home!

1. Create a minimalist gallery wall in a corner of your home with one or two of the artworks hanging on the perpendicular wall. This creates a less-busy scene from the room's entry point of view + it encourages viewers to move around the interior. This also gives the impression that less artworks are hanging = less clutter.


2. Hang artworks away from your furniture to indicate more blank space directly above saturated areas.


3. Hang two small works above a piece of furniture. Place them apart. You'll love the white space living in between them!


5. Keep your gallery wall classy & condensed on your largest wall. Express minimalism through the furniture around it.


6. Add a framed piece (not pictured but we know you can imagine it with this beautiful kitchen!) to your uber-minimal counter-top for a tiny POP of personality!