We're 6 months old!!

On November 7th, 2015 we inaugurated our art gallery space with a phenomenal reception uniting artists with Latela, friends and family. The Latela brand developed a year prior (November 2014), when Marta Staudinger launched a website and full social media profiles for the brand. Marta worked to grow the brand by meeting artists and owners of commercial spaces in DC to organize pop-up exhibitions which are now a broader part of the Latela Curatorial Services model. Over the year, Latela executed six exhibitions in various local businesses: Hera Hub Women's Co-Working Space, Homme Men's Fashion Boutique in the Anacostia Arts Center, and Be Here Now Yoga studio. The idea to bring art to local businesses that are also community gathering spots allowed Latela to quickly spread as the art curatorial brand that connects (local) community and (local) art.

With the intention to become a fully operating art gallery, Latela needed a home base. Cultural DC "Makes Space for Art" by connecting local artists to real estate development projects in need of art tenants. The Monroe Street Market Arts Walk by Bozzuto was the perfect fit for Latela. Curator and owner, Marta Staudinger, was able to continue with her business plan for an art gallery that operates in a non-traditional way through the relationships with Bozzuto and Cultural DC. Instead of focusing on sales, being forced to charge artists for representation, or look for collectors in a city where collectors are conservative and in a world where art collecting is transforming... Marta was able to open an art gallery that focuses on accessibility and building community by hosting creative events, allowing artists to collaborate on curatorial projects, and cross collaborating with local brands on projects involving local emerging artists.

Our November 2015 debut exhibition included artists we had worked with over the last year, in addition to three artists that inspire Marta's creative and aesthetic passions: Brenda Lloyd Anderson, Brandon Boyd, and Fidel Iranzo. Marta believed it was only right to include the woman who taught her to paint (Brenda), her primary artist inspiration (Brandon), and great friend and artist soul mate (Fidel) in the first visual presentation of the Latela brand in its home space. Works by these three artists will always be part of the Latela art collection and guide the gallery's curatorial aesthetic. The opening exhibition displayed a variety of art mediums, from 12x12 in. photographs to 60x72 in. acrylic on panel paintings.

inaugurating the Closing Ranks exhibition 


featuring artwork by Julie Bjarnhoff, Maps Glover & Marta Staudinger