Last Saturday we inaugurated our newest exhibition, coLlagE, featuring collage and mixed media artworks. Twenty-four artists are featured in this exhibition, of which twenty are local artists. Curator and owner, Marta Staudinger, spoke at the exhibition opening about how special this exhibition is for her:

"On a personal note, I began my creative career years ago as a collage artist and it's always been a dream to curate a collage exhibition. The perk with this exhibition in particular was discovering how many awesome mixed media artists are right here in DC, and being able to curate a collage exhibition in my own art gallery."

- Marta Staudinger, Latela Art Gallery Curator/Owner

The dream come true includes an artwork by a dear friend and artistic inspiration for Marta, Fidel Iranzo, who was her roommate when she moved to Barcelona from Italy to complete her Master's degree in Curatorial Studies. 

"I selected him from many Craigslist ads because he had a link to his website and I saw his collages. It was artistic love at first sight. I'd never pass up the opportunity to live with someone who saw the world the same way I did and could continue to inspire me creatively in that way."

- Marta Staudinger

This exhibition will be on display until May 8th. During the exhibition, we will be hosting collage workshops and interviewing some of the artists on their inspiration and creative process.

behind the scenes shots