Art Gallery Displaying Photography from Instagram

Following our debut exhibition including all artists we'd worked with as we built the Latela brand, we wanted to expand our artist outreach for our second exhibition. Curator and owner, Marta Staudinger, is keenly interested in the effect of Instagram on emerging photographers.

"It seems that photographers may be noticed easily - if they use the Instagram platform effectively - and can be selected to professionally photograph a variety of subjects: food, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. What this means is that there IS hope for emerging photographers to find commissions in the commercial arena. However, what about in the 'art' arena? Are gallerists, curators, established collectors and emerging collectors thinking twice about printing what they 'like' on Instagram?"

- Marta Staudinger, Latela Art Gallery Curator/Owner

Marta states that she uses the platform frequently to find artists but admits that she's usually screen-shooting paintings, illustrations, mixed media works and sculptures that she finds on Instagram. 

"With a platform based on photography, sometimes it's hard to remember that so many of those shots can be viewed as works of art as well - it's our job to help people think more proactively and thoughtfully about that when scrolling through social media. If you see something that you like, consider contacting the photographer to see if they sell prints!"

- Marta Staudinger


In Creative Narrative, we reached out to nineteen local Instagram photographers and exhibited their work showing various subjects all specific to the greater Washington DC area and its creative scene. Of those 19 photographers, only one had ever printed and exhibited their artwork in a gallery setting before. To make the idea of printing, framing and exhibiting artwork less daunting to these emerging artists, Latela teamed up with local framing company Framebridge

"Companies like Framebridge allow for a new wave of accessibility - especially for photography."

- Marta Staudinger 

To continue promoting the exhibition throughout its duration, Latela is hosting three panel discussions with featured photographers and local art professionals.  

behind the scenes shots