10 reasons to Vote for 'Latela Curatorial' as Best Commercial Art Gallery in Washington DC for the 4th year in a row

  1. Latela Curatorial does NOT charge artists to exhibit artwork or memberships fees. We are 100% inclusive & merit via an annual art submission process.

  2. Latela Curatorial does not run a traditional venue rental program to support an exhibition program.

  3. As art consultants & curators first before anything else, we continually source art (usually local art) for corporate projects.

  4. Aka we find new homes for art & get artists PAID to increase their clientele & value!

  5. Latela Curatorial offers a Curatorial Apprenticeship program to guide the way for emerging curators to curate their own exhibition start to finish under our brand umbrella.

  6. Due to the lack of affordable studio space in DC we provide artist residency opportunities & photoshoot staging opportunities to artists & curators IN OUR OWN SPACE!

  7. Lalela Curatorial provides workshops + affordable services for artists, curators & creatives that includes contracts & proposals, creative business development & branding, target audience brainstorming, pitching, cataloguing, etc. to ASSIST creatives with the professional tools they need + raise their value (which raises the entire creative market place value when we are all striving together!).

  8. Latela Curatorial emphasis on HEALING activates multiple times a month where we create space for the community at large to gather under the New Moon and Full Moon. We cultivate positivity back into our space where our art collection & curatorial projects live keeping our bran as pure as can be. No fluffy art pricing here. We are a brand you can trust that is reliable, genuine & compassionate.

  9. Approachable & trustworthy! We don’t believe that you need to save $ your entire life or have an art history background to begin bringing art you love into your home! We want to hold your hand, discuss options, learn about what you love that makes your vision special & help you along the way to find artwork that brings you joy EVERY DAY. The art sourcing process takes time & is a partnership we nourish with care. Curious? Check out our testimonials online, on Facebook or on Google…

  10. Woman-owned & local business!