I Am Nice

I Am Nice


By Annie Broderick

20x24 in.


Oil on canvas

This piece is currently on display at the Industrious Ballston office. Viewing is open to the public. More info here.


I love to use both oils and acrylics to create expressive paintings on canvas. This is my most traditional method of working, but I am after rawness of expression like my works on paper. I must quiet my mind in order to paint with raw emotional energy. I apply the paint spontaneously and often work on unprimed canvas, which lends itself to this rawness of expression. I often use my bare hands to apply the paint. I also use my fingertips or a palette knife to carve back into the surface, scraping away layers down to the raw canvas underneath. Sometimes I incorporate house paint and spray paint along with fine art paints. My paintings on canvas are visual representations of soul energy at different moments in time. 

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