Bronze Bird Copper Sky

Bronze Bird Copper Sky


By Marta Staudinger

9x12 in.

Acrylic on Paper


This is an original painting on paper, not a reproduced print. Painting on paper ships in a mailing tube.

Consider pairing this painting with Golden Light Points, or contact us to custom commission a pair!


ADDITIONAL INFO FROM THE ARTIST: Decoding the 'Newman' Series

Who is Barnett Newman?

Barnett Newman was an American abstract expressionist and color field painter. "His paintings are existential in tone and content, explicitly composed with the intention of communicating a sense of locality, presence, and contingency" (Sylvester, David (1998). The Grove Book of Art Writing. New York, NY: Grove Press. p. 537). Newman was part of the Washington Color School - a movement revolving around six abstract expressionist artists during the 1950-70s in Washington DC.

My interpretation:

Highly inspired by Barnett Newman and his famous "zips" or lines across a composition that either divide it, place depth or create presence - I create works on paper that play tribute to his zips in their composition.


I like to have works on paper accompany my large canvases. The painting on paper usually happens before I work on canvas to familiarize myself with the paints and immerse with the color palette. Each color series of my large works connects to multiple styles in a larger color series on paper in 9x12 in. and 18x24 in. formats.

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Building a gallery wall? Contact us if you’d like to purchase multiple original paintings on paper together for a gallery wall and/or if you need assistance with framing. Whether you’re local to in the Washington DC area or not, we’d love to help you select the right artwork for your interior project.

Image disclaimer: Mock up design images may not necessarily be to scale, they are made to demonstrate full look aesthetic of the artwork. Please confirm dimensions or contact us to discuss a custom commission inspired by this piece at a different size. 

Shipping & hanging: All works on paper ship rolled loosely in a tube, protected in a plastic sleeve from weather conditions. 


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