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Latela Curatorial is a full service Art Consulting Boutique that is dedicated to helping artists increase their value. Whether you are just beginning your creative career, looking to rebrand, need help with marketing, or just need a neutral party to soundboard ideas or review contracts/proposals… we are here to take the administrative noise out of your creative thought-cloud!

We offer a specific assortment of services to help professional artists & curators build their business which can be explored through One-on-one Consultations (in person or via Skype). Some artists only require one meeting, others need a few check in’s to establish a solid foundation + work flow. A plan is recommended after the first meeting based on the artists’ professional goals.

LATELA also offers Package Combinations for artists interested in more than one service.



An organized inventory is the best way to keep track of your works, sales, and provenance. Keeping detailed records of your works also makes it easier to apply for exhibition opportunities & transmit your list of available work to art consultants and galleries.


For the artist ready to show off an entire collection, document a solo exhibition or the end of a series. Print & send to galleries for representation, art consultants & to your collectors. Sell them online or give them away at your next solo exhibition!



An artist portrait is not the same as a corporate office portrait. Our photographer partners know what type of creative content artists need to differentiate themselves aesthetically including portraits, WIP shots, details, artworks & studios.


It’s all about CONTENT! Video trailers/snippets are powerful tools to elevate your visual message as an artist. Video content allows your process + unique voice to be highlighted, promoting your brand loudly and clearly. 


Latela Curatorial can offer our studio space &/or staging services for your content creation for those who either do not have studios or do not find their studio “on brand” with desired content.

Feeling like you need all of the above in your life? Contact us - it’s likely we can pair services together to save you money & time based on your personal art business goals!