Latela offers Art Advisory for Art Collectors


You want art: For individuals ready to begin collecting art. We will meet to discuss your interests: whether a statement piece, gallery wall, or to discover local talents .


You have the vision but need assistance: For individuals who either need assistance curating a gallery wall, curating their art collection throughout an interior space, or connecting with the right artist for a custom commissioned artwork.



You want more art: For individuals who have already begun to collect and want to grow or better curate their collection. This may include tweaking the physical placement of already existing works in a current collection.


You need to catalogue your valuables: For individuals who need assistance cataloguing an existing collection. Service extends past fine art to collectables, furniture, and other decorative items. Provenance research may be included.



‘We had a flawless experience working with Latela ... Marta is a true professional and an absolutely delightful person. I cant say enough about how thoughtful she was throughout our decision-making process to purchase a large painting for our home. She gave us great advice and helped us procure the piece quickly, and hang it as well. Thank you!’ - Jonathan C., Latela Art Collector

'Great space, Marta was super helpful and even introduced me to the artist of the piece I purchased! Can't wait to go back and see more featured works.' - Jeni B., Latela Art Collector