Social Media, Editorial Calendars & Time Management

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Get a full handle on a schedule for posting on social media platforms, blogging and understanding what kind of content you plan to put out into the world. How is it part of your overall plan and how does it attract your target audience? Develop skillsets to manage your marketing on a budget and tight time schedule, in addition to the artwork you’re creating.

PRICE: $75/person


LOCATION: Hosted regularly online & IRL at different locations

INSTRUCTOR: Led by Meghan Masius


Due to today's constant stream of inspiration and content coming through multiple channels, it is important to be organized, plan ahead, and stay at the top of people's feeds to stay at the top of their minds. If maintaining your social media presence is more of a reactive after thought, and if you can't seem to squeeze in enough hours in your day for the business parts of your practice, Latela Curatorial is here to help you reorganize and streamline your calendar so you feel confident in the direction your business is moving, and free to create your work and content.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Social media Strategies, including a review of different platforms for visual artists & creative businesses and how to best utilize each, a crash course on planning out your content in advance for Instagram, and a crash course on Mailchimp Marketing.

  • Discuss whether blogging is right for your business growth, including best blogging practice tips & tricks.

  • How to create an Editorial Calendar & build in time for your content creation + story telling.

  • Realistic expectations + planning for the unexpected and time management across all multiple platforms.

  • Review of outsourcing possibilities and what you should look for & be weary of.

This workshop is ideal for all levels of artist, curator & creative professionals. However we do highly recommend participating in our Business How-To’s & Marketing Strategies Workshop before attending this one, as that workshop is entry-level and will help you determine your most current priorities & target audience. Social media strategy develops best after professional goals & target audience are clarified.

You’ll leave this workshop with full knowledge on how to use Instagram, Mailchimp & blogging to improve your visibility to your target audience + time management skillsets.

Hand outs, tips + good company always included.



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