Business How To's & Marketing Strategies


Develop your business plan and focus your understanding of career goals, time management needs, financial needs and target audience to be able to focus on specific skillsets needed for your business. Marketing strategies & tips provided based on discovery of such assessment during workshop.

PRICE: $55/person


LOCATION: Hosted regularly online & IRL at different locations

INSTRUCTOR: Led by Meghan Masius or Marta Staudinger


If you are expressing your creative voice, it is probably because you are a creative person at heart… and not a business or marketing expert. The valuable truth is that successful artists & curators need to exercise both business and marketing strategies as much as creative expression to thrive professionally.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

- How to brainstorm your brand/mission as a creative

- How to build your creative portfolio

- How to identify your market, understand your target audience & market your work

- How to determine your price/worth

- How to assess the pros and cons (& confidence + monetary factors) of where you stand between hobbyist and full-time creative professional

- How to implement essential marketing strategies to cut your logistical time in half so you may work smarter

This workshop is ideal for emerging artists & curators, and also appropriate for anyone who is in the first 3-4 years of a creative career, contemplating rebranding or contemplating making their passion project a full-time lifestyle.

You’ll finish this workshop with action steps to increase your client volume and feel confident with the business reality of your creative life.

Hand-outs, brainstorming exercises, marketing tools + tips included in workshop.



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